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For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park
For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park

Lyndhurst, Bank and
 Emery Down history - an introduction

An 1880s view of Lyndhurst
An 1880s view of Lyndhurst

The history of Lyndhurst, Bank and Emery Down is long and fascinating.

Some aspects reflect the New Forest's original role as a Norman hunting ground, whilst other aspects of Lyndhurst's history are connected to the village's historical position as Capital of the New Forest.

Much of the evidence of Lyndhurst's history can still be seen today, and provides many opportunities for exploration, whilst Bank, Emery Down (and Swan Green) offer just as much of interest.

Explore, for example, Lyndhurst's Alice In Wonderland connection, and learn about the 'old' Parish Church and Parkhill. Find out about Queen's House and the ancient Verderers' Hall. Walk along the New Forest Salt Way and Beechen Lane, visit the site of Lyndhurst Race Ground, and discover why George III and William Cobbett had an interest in Cuffnells, a mansion once located on the outskirts of Lyndhurst.

Consider, too, the military history of Lyndhurst's White Moor, and whilst wandering over this now peaceful heathland, pause for a moment to contemplate the likely thoughts of men long ago, training here whilst awaiting postings to the horrors of First World War trenches.

The 17th Division leaving Lyndhurst en-route to the First World War battlefields, as shown on a contemporary postcard
The 17th Division leaving Lyndhurst en-route
to the First World War battlefields,
as shown on a contemporary postcard

Find out more about Lyndhurst, Bank and Emery Down's fascinating history

and finally, find out more about Lyndhurst, Bank and Emery Down's history as revealed on these old maps

and in these old pictures

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** New Forest ponies and other animals**
New Forest ponies in the road
Commoners' ponies, cattle, pigs, sheep and donkeys are a popular part of the New Forest scene, but during 2019 agisters attended 159 road traffic accidents involving these animals, a disappointing increase on the 154 accidents attended in 2018.

Outrageously, 58 animals were killed - 35 ponies, 13 cattle, 8 donkeys and 2 sheep, whilst a further 32 were injured - 3 pigs, 9 donkeys, 11 cows and 9 ponies.
** Always take care when driving **
New Forest seasonal highlights
Honeysuckle, an early harbinger of spring, shows signs of new growth.
Bird sounds - great tit calls and mistle thrush song, for example, are increasingly heard as the days lengthen and spring rapidly approaches.
Foxes breed during the early months of the year. Their presence is betrayed by barks after darkness falls.

Great grey shrikes hunt over heathland from tree-top vantage points and other perches.
Grey squirrels are often best seen in winter when deciduous trees are devoid of leaves.
Red Admirals and other butterflies that over-winter as adults may be on the wing on warm, bright days.
Roe deer
antlers continue to develop - they are cast and re-grown annually.
New Forest 'what's on' - a small
selection of local events and activities
January 2020
Friday, 10th to Sunday, 12th - Brockenhurst Village Hall, Brockenhurst Players present - Cinderella and the Velvet Slipper.
Saturday, 11th to Sunday, 8th March - New Forest Heritage Centre, Lyndhurst, New Forest Camera Club Exhibition, 10.00am - 4.00pm.
Saturday, 18th - Lyndhurst Community Centre, New Forest Book Fair, 10.00am - 4.00pm.
Friday, 24th - Friends of St Barbe, Lymington; Reverends, Royalty and Robberies - a talk by Sarah Newman, 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

February 2020
Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd; Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th - Vernon Theatre, Sandy Lane, Lyndhurst - Lyndhurst Drama and Musical Society present Aladdin.
Friday, 28th - Brockenhurst Village Hall, Singer / Songwriter, John Adams, 8.00pm - 11.30pm.

For further details, view the full New Forest What's on programme.
Content produced by Andrew Walmsley
Content produced by Andrew Walmsley