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For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park
For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park
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Badgers - other animals in the sett, and animal passers-by

A variety of animals are likely to pass over badgers' setts on a fairly regular basis, animals such as deer, cattle, sheep and horses, none of which will cause the badgers undue alarm; whilst, in addition to foxes, rabbits and rodents are often tolerated as lodgers in badgers; setts.

(1) Fallow deer pass over a badgers' sett

Five fallow deer, all does, wander across a badgers' sett quite a while after sunrise. The badgers, not surprisingly at this time, are nowhere to be seen. The deer meant no harm and were probably unaware that they were trespassing, whilst the badgers from past experience would know this, so it's likely that, had they been above ground, the badgers would not have been overly concerned by the deers' presence.

(2) Roe deer visit two separate badgers' setts

Here, single roe does pass over separate badgers' setts long after the badgers have retired to spend the day underground.

(3) A mouse startles a badger cub

A badger cub emerges from a sett entrance and nearly jumps out of its skin as it catches sight of a nearby mouse. The cub's immediate instinct is defence, so it arches its back and fluffs out its coat. The mouse, not surprisingly, rapidly retreats.

(4) A badger chases a mouse

In the temporary absence of the resident badgers, two mice are active around a sett entrance. A badger eventually appears, notices a mouse and gives chase. Despite the badgers' surprisingly rapid turn of speed, the far more nimble mouse makes good its escape.

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