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Pony near Hampton Ridge
For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park
For comprehensive information about the New Forest National Park
***** Coronavirus - for information about New Forest access restrictions and related matters, check out the Forestry England website. *****

New Forest barbecues: a spring and summer treat

New Forest barbecue sites and other information

Bolderwood barbeque site
The barbecue site at Bolderwood

*** In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in changed arrangements. Check out the links at the top of the page for up-to-date information. ***

What could be better than a barbecue enjoyed with friends or family amidst the tranquil landscapes of the New Forest?

Be sure, though, when barbecuing in the New Forest to follow Forestry England guidelines which, in essence, are as follows (as at June 2018):

For barbecues attended by over 20 people, it is recommended that one of the static barbecue sites at Anderwood (A) or Wilverley (B) is hired. (Please note, both sites cater for up to 50 people, but for the summer months, the sites book up very early in the year and at least 2 weeks notice is required to hire either site - for more information or to make a booking, ring 0300 067 4601 or e-mail southern.permissions@

Only use disposable barbecues in the picnic areas at Bolderwood (C), Blackwater (D) and Wilverley (B) and place the barbecue on the barbecue stands provided, either on or beside the picnic tables. Important note, disposable barbecues pose a particular fire risk so do not use them anywhere else in the New Forest.

Raised, non-disposable and gas barbecues can be used on the hard standing of Forestry England car parks providing that water is available and they are fully extinguished after use.

When the fire risk is rated as ‘extreme’, static barbecues at designated sites are usually, but not always, allowed but the use of barbecues anywhere else in the New Forest is prohibited – check the Barbecue section of the Forestry England website for information about the current fire risk, look out for posters or call Forestry England on 0300 067 4601 (Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm) for more details.

Use of barbecues on 'Camping in the Forest' campsites is at the discretion of the site warden, so please check with him or her to establish the local guidelines.

And finally, be sure that appropriate fire precautions are taken: place your barbecue well away from dry leaves, vegetation and wood; always have water available to extinguish the barbecue; do not collect wood from the Forest to fuel your barbecue; ensure that the barbecue is out and cold after use, and take it home with you - this includes barbecue coals and ash; and do not leave behind litter or other rubbish.

The Barbecue section of the Forestry England website has further information, details of the New Forest Barbecue Code and details of sites for hire. Further information is also available by telephoning 0300 067 4601 (Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm).

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** New Forest ponies and other animals**
New Forest ponies in the road
Commoners' ponies, cattle, pigs, sheep and donkeys are a popular part of the New Forest scene, but during 2019 agisters attended 159 road traffic accidents involving these animals, a small but disappointing increase on the 154 accidents attended in 2018.

Sadly, 58 animals were killed - 35 ponies, 13 cows, 8 donkeys and 2 sheep, whilst a further 32 were injured - 3 pigs, 9 donkeys, 11 cows and 9 ponies.

(Forty-three accidents occurred in daylight, 15 at twilight and 101 in the dark. Twenty-seven accidents were not reported by the driver involved).
** Always take care when driving **
Content produced by Andrew Walmsley
Content produced by Andrew Walmsley